Your eye is a camera that is taking snaps of the world around you.  And just like in a camera, your eyes have lenses to help you focus on life. Over time your time lenses can become cloudy or opaque causing light to scatter in your eye affecting your ability to see clearly. This cloudiness is called a cataract.

You may not even realise that a cataract is limiting your ability to see clearly as it a gradual deterioration. On the brighter side, cataracts can be monitored and treated. Which is why we recommend getting a regular eye check with us so we can keep an “eye” on it.


Why do we get Cataracts?

Majority of cataracts are associated with the natural ageing process of the lens in our eye, prolonged UV exposure and of course smoking. Other reasons may also include certain medications, diabetes, trauma to the eye and some types of arthritis.



We will be able to advise you if you have the beginnings of a cataract during an eye examination, but some of the symptoms that you may find are as follows

– Sensitivity to glare and light

– Decreased vision, particularly night vision

– Blurred vision

– Colours are not as bright as they used to be

– Requiring a brighter light to read


What can be done?

One of the most common surgeries performed is cataract surgery. We will be able to refer you to a specialist of your choice if we feel you require further assessment. If you do require surgery, the procedure involves the removal of you cloudy lens which then gets replaced by an artificial Intra-ocular lens. The procedure is generally performed under local anaesthetic and in most cases you will be able to go home the same day.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Styleyes on 03 9598 2825, we are always here to help.