Meet the Team

Doug Vernon

Owner/Optical Dispenser

Doug loves the challenge of finding the right frame for every face. The first thing Doug will want to know about you is your occupation, “What someone does for work can tell me a lot about the glasses they require,” he says, “A healthcare professional might need frames with more eye protection and someone who works in fashion could wear something different, even something outlandish that conveys their individuality.”

Mandeep Paul  

Store Manager/Optical Dispenser

Mandeep joined the Styleyes Team from New Zealand in 2007 and made such an impact, he is now store manager. Mandeep is currently on the Optical Dispensing Board for Victoria and continues to be an advisor with RMIT. With extensive knowledge in optics and ocular practice, Mandeep can ensure the best results in terms of vision for your new spectacles by combining the latest optical trends with the best lenses to suit your prescription.

Lisa Druce

Optical Dispenser

Lisa joined the Styleyes Team in 2000 and is a fully qualified Optical Dispenser.
Lisa has her own individual style. Her love of colour, and infusing colours, is evident in some of Doug’s own range of frames. Lisa also has an extensive knowledge of optical lenses to ensure your finished spectacles look and feel great.

Leeanne Vernon 

Office Manager

Leeanne had been involved in Styleyes since day one. Leeanne gives advice on frame selection purely from a fashion perspective. When it comes to the lenses, she leaves it to the experts! Leeanne spends most of her time tucked away in the back room making sure everything runs smoothly.

The Engine Room

The workshop is the engine room of Styleyes, as all of our spectacles are made in-store, in Melbourne. In ‘The Engine Room’, every job is carefully considered to ensure the lenses are perfectly fitted to compliment your frame and to give you a great result both optically and aesthetically. Every single product is meticulously checked to ensure you get the highest quality spectacles possible.

Tinting Pots

We also make your prescription sunglasses. It can be a messy procedure, but we work hard to ensure you get the right colour, density and the perfect look for your protective sunglasses.

We Are Designers, Creators & Optical Dispensers.

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