Handmade Australian Frames

The Doug Vernon Range is handcrafted in-store and only with the highest quality materials and meticulous detail. Doug is not the only Australian designer we stock though, we also have frames by Roger Henley, Brendan O'Keefe & Jonno Hennesy.

International Designer Brands

Our international range includes the finest designers, both boutique and popular brands. We cater to all budgets and styles. Styleyes customers keep coming back because they trust our advice. When it's so important, can you afford to get it wrong?


When you get your sunglasses from Styleyes we help you to select a pair that looks great on your face, not just on the screen. When we find the perfect sunglass for you, we personally adjust your sunglasses to fit your face and give you after sales service for the life of those sunglasses.

Special Purpose

Purpose made glasses are becoming more common. Specs or sunnies made for golf, riding, fishing or any sporting pursuit. Or perhaps you need something for sewing, art, or just to help with your make-up. By talking through your needs we can sort out a pair of glasses that will best suit your activity.