A word of advice about lenses.

The most important thing you need to know about lenses is that at Styleyes, we are Optical Dispensers. We make your glasses. As such, we take the time to discuss your requirements and offer the very best advice about what lens best suits your prescription, your lifestyle, your budget, and your chosen frame.

Since Styleyes opened its doors in 1990 the array of lenses available has continued to grow. With the advance of lens technology, including new digitally ground Freeform lenses, your options are now extensive. To simplify this there are three sorts of lenses:

  • Single vision, which can be distance glasses or reading glasses.
  • Bi-focals.
  • Mulitifocals.

Each of these lenses come in a variety of different ways; some may be:

  • Stock: a lens taken off the shelf and only available in single vision lenses.
  • Grind: when above lens doesn't suit your script so lenses needs to be specially surfaced.
  • Multi-coated, or anti-reflective coatings.
  • Polarized.
  • Transition, or changing colour lenses.

The cost of lenses also varies greatly. Generally speaking the index, or thickness, of the lens plays a large part in this, as well as the material used to make the lens.

With the recent release of Freefrom lenses, we also enter a new realm. These lenses are expensive, yet early feedback is great. It depends on your needs and how much you want to spend.

It is worthwhile mentioning, that optically speaking, a higher priced lens may not give you better visual clarity; in some cases it can be an aesthetic choice. What is essential to understand is when comparing prices that you know what lenses you are paying for and compare "apples to apples".